The Latest Must Have Electronics Equipment For the Home

Electronics equipment can be purchased very cheaply these days and can help with security, communications, automation, labour saving and many other tasks around the home.

Home Networks

Up until a few years ago you needed to have wires trailing around for your communications and internet connection. Now you can connect wirelessly through WI-FI functionality.

Most routers offer wireless connections and it is as simple as plugging in a wireless card (most PCs ship with this card) and configuring a security pass key to access your network and the internet. This makes for a much more enjoyable surfing experience and it can be shared with other users around the home. There are some issues with security with this method over wired connections but correctly configured electronics equipment using the highest level of encryption should prove relatively risk free.

Home Security

Home security can be made easier with the utilisation of the right electronics. Equipment such as CCTV, Digital Recorders and Sensors are inexpensive and they can greatly improve the security of your property. goto zoppah

A simple wi-fi cctv camera setup can be integrated with your home or small business network for less than £100 and this can be monitored through your PC and even remotely if you are away. You could then place sensors around your property to automatically switch the camera on and digitally record footage to a hard disk, which could be invaluable in the event of a break-in.

Home Automation

Home automation products can then be connected to the network to automatically open curtains, switch on lights, unlock doors with a simple command from your PC or mobile phone or automatically to make your property look like it is being used, deterring any potential intruder.

With the focus on reduce carbon footprints, this type of electronics equipment can be invaluable. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can be controlled to minimise wastage. Lighting can be controlled to take advantage of natural light or to automatically ‘turn up’ in the evening.

Home entertainment systems can be controlled automatically to be available in whichever room you are in using sensors to ‘follow you around the house’.

You can even use this technology to switch on the oven when you are just setting off home after work so you have a hot meal ready when you walk through the door. The possibilities of electronics equipment are endless when you consider the development of domestic robots, you may never have to do housework again!

The Next Era Of Home Automation

With the advent of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) we can benefit from ‘smart’ electronics equipment. Tags have electronic data stored that identifies them with RFID compatible hardware. This technology has been adopted by companies involved in supply chain management who are using it to track products through their systems. An RFID tag could contain information like product type, destination address, size, weight etc, this information is read by machines (within a certain radius – no line of sight needed) which can then redirect the parcel in the relevant direction. This is now moving into shops (to remove the need for checkouts) and then homes so an example of this could be:

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